...fasten your race chains


Halloween !

What should D.Penn & I dress like for Halloween????

Aaaand we're back!

18 OCT. 2009: Wissahickon Cross Race. 35 degrees and raining. Grass, gravel, sand, and three barriers on a run up. They don't mess around out here....



B.Chan & I need to be fastgrrrlz again, we've decided.  We are fastgrrrlz, and we will combat the snide actions of Team HeftyGalz and the like.  (Chan, feel free to edit me).  

Yesterday I raced cross here in Portland.  I've missed 4 cross crusade races, and I decided enough is enough.  Check out the other blog for the race report.  

Not sure what I'll do with the smelly blog, as it's name is fabulous and would be a shame for it to go to waste.  Must compartmentalize.  Becky also has a hip newblog which employs the latest in blognology.  It would be fun, though, for our friends to be sandwiched between the two coasts by B.Chan & me via this blog.  We'll see what happens!