...fasten your race chains


Well, this weekend's races sucked. I'm full of allergy induced snot and flem. And a bit burned out on collegiate racing.


It doesn't matter because I'm going to Collegiate Nationals next next weekend.

See y'all in Madison!!!!


First USCF of the season: Lower Providence Crit 1/2/3

Sunday was my USCF PA debut. The race was the w1/2/3 Lower Providence Crit, an hourish-mostly-flat-four-corners-with-a-bit-of-wind bchan kind of race. 30+ ladies at the start line, and I was really effing scared going into it because there were lots of legit fast girls that showed up from local pro/semi pro teams and I just had no idea what to expect from the fields out here in general. I had 3 teammates, which made me feel a LOT better, and we had a brief team meeting before the race to talk about who to mark etc.

So, I spent some time dicking around in the pack, bridged to one early break with fast girls that didn't stick. With about 8 laps to go and sitting mid pack, I saw two girls go who were joined by two more. I was sitting a bit too far back in the pack, but I ejected myself and bridged to the break while my teammates blocked things up in the pack. We dropped one of the girls, but the break stuck!!! With 1 to go in the last corner, a 2 person chase caught us, and one girl flew by me and scared the crap out of me. I lost focus just long enough for another girl to jump. But I was able to close enough to end up 3rd!!!!! With legit fast people!!!!!

So things learned/to work on: I botched the sprint, for sure. My handling is getting a lot better, but I also have to learn how to move through the pack without forcing it. I burnt a lot of matches doing that, and it needs to stop. Also, having multiple teammates to work with and to block and counter things in the pack is really fun :)

In collegiate news, the fair ladies and gents of PENN CYCLING are going to take a run at the ECCC omnium this weekend. 60+ mile road race, crit and a nasty hill climb TTT for me. It's going to be a brutal weekend, and I can't wait!!! RAR!!!

Okay, time to go do the skool thang....


I did the local USCF race this weekend. As such, "Things Girls Say During Bike Races" is on hiatus until next weekend when I will inevitably be able to gather more material.

Race report to come.... it went well :)


Things Girls Say During Bike Races, v.3

Fashion faux pas during the circuit:

"Oh my gawd, I can totally see your panty line!"

"I always wear panties under my bibs. Don't you??"