...fasten your race chains




(seriously, I just changed the hub batteries all.by.myself. and it seems to be working!)

Well after nearly dying of food poisoning in Paris, I'm back and working for the summer in the Iladelph. Philly is really great in the summer-- lots of art festivals, outdoor movies, markets etc. I had my first Water Ice experience last week, and if we were still doing Likes and Gripes Tuesdays here, it would definitely be on the "Like" list.

Been doing some riding, but real training starts tomorrow with, as all real training does, a rest day. There have been some good races in these parts the last couple weekends and it's pretty frustrating knowing that I can't do them if I want to maintain any sort of self respect on a bike. I'm thinking I'll cave and race next weekend though. Patience has never been my thing....