...fasten your race chains



October is the most wonderful time of the year.


Awesome August. Magical September.

Happy September.

I've been done with Road for a while and been doing some racing up at the track. Sometimes I wonder why people even ride bikes with derailleurs (though usually I hop on Slutty and quickly remember why). Track is neat because it's fitness but even more about being smart. I've been super lucky to be able to listen to, observe, and get pointers from some of the best riders in the area and in some cases nation up at Valley Preferred-- special thanks to Joe W. (who in addition to claiming the Masters Nationals Omnium Title is on the way to Masters WORLDS in October) and Hoover (who has provided me with endless pointers, a sick disc to ride, and drove us all up in his awesome van reminiscent of a certain training camp spent in a Eurovan). I still screw it up quite often, but it's slowly coming together. Here's a recent Points Race (I'm in green) I did, courtesy of Dan Hoover. I was coming off a week and half of no riding and lots of beer drinking, but tactics really paid off.

'But BChan, A week and a half of no riding and excessive beer drinking?!?! What's up with that?' you ask? Ha! Well, after finishing my summer gig in DC I hightailed it to a friend's organic farm in Virginia. What was intended to be a two day visit turned into six days of vegetable gardening, gorging on fresh figs, TV watching, beer drinking, and eating straight out of the back yard. A little slice of heaven, and certainly a great alternative to dealing with the wrath of Hurricane Irene up north. Thanks to C. Frederick for putting up with me....and continuing to talk to me after the fact.

Post-farm I have switched into ultra-vagabond mode; I'm now in Philly house sitting for friends for a couple weeks while continuing to seek gainful employment. I did the Donut Derby on Monday, which I would prefer not go into detail about as the mere thought of it triggers my gag reflex. My first run of 2011 + cross practice yesterday = wrecked body. But in a good way, of course :)


learning how to race track bikes.

.velo.drome. Rules:

1. Don't yack on the track.
2. Don't talk smack on the track.
3. Kill, bunny. Kill.


Well, it was not the best of weekends for racing. But at least we look rad...


Happy July! How about this Tour???

Summer is blazin’ by! Quick updates since my last post:

-I’m living in D.C. for the summer and interning with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. DC has great museums and restaurants, and some great bike infrastructure/riding opportunities.

-I’m looking for a job. Demoralizng stuff for those of us who are overly educated and under- employed. If you know anyone who needs a preservationist, send them my way!

-Season goal accomplished: I’m officially a Cat. 2 racer! Thank you thank you thank you to my awesome teammates for laying it all out there for me. Couldn't have done it without them.

-Had some fun traveling in Northern NJ for to haz the stage racing. Get this…there are MOUNTAINS up there. It’s not all strip malls and jug handles. Baffling, I know.

-Raced on the track with Zee Hunny Badger. Oh man oh man it is so fun. I could really really see myself getting into track. So fast! So simple! So fun! And I met World Champion and OlympianLiz Reap Carlson and have a major totally-hetero-biker-girl crush. Talk about a FAST GRRRL!

-Rode with some hard core junior girls from Rock Creek Velo cycling. These girls are FAST! It’s only a matter of time before they’re kicking my butt…

-Got 2nd Place for the third time now in a State Championship. Let me tell you, I’ve never ever been so happy with 2nd before. We sent a squad of 5 up and I was fully ready to flog myself for Sarah and Leah, our NJ residents. Powered by my breakfast of champions (Mountain Dew, S'more poptarts, ice coffee and a $1 egg and cheese wrap from Dunkin Donuts) we sent attack after attack. Finally, one of the contenders for NJ title countered, and as she began to sit up, I countered with Sarah on my wheel and the two of us hammered off the front for the next twenty-ish miles. I cramped, ran out of gatorade, drank half of Sarah’s, couldn't swallow my Gu, and somehow we grew an 8 second gap into more than a minute and a half by the finish.

Mad props to the CHOPPAH for winning the damn thing, and for talking me off the edge (of lactate acid O-D, that is) and to The Princess, GRIZZ and Ramba who blocked things up in the peloton.

If I’ve learned anything this summer, it’s that cycling is a team sport. Fitness, handling, and equipment is great and all, but being on a team with girls that that you can trust to put it all out there is electrifying. ZAP!

I'm so lucky to have Wasabi Warriors.

This weekend the pillaging continues in PA. We're sending a squad of nine. Bring it on.


May/Early June Updates

1 Hott hott hott bike (I <3 Specialized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!): Check
Finished Thesis: Check
Masters Degree: Check
1 Pillaged Village With Ramba (Yes, we DID take home the sprinters, climbers and omnium jerseys at the Tour de Syracuse): Check
Moved out of Philly Apartment (So long bat-shit crazy land lady!! Hello D.C.!) : Check
Entered (and finished!) First NRC-esque Race(okay so it wasn't technically an NRC this year, but there were still some heavy hitters in the peloton!): Check
Pancake Week 2011: Check
"Recovery" Ride with the World Champion: Check
First V in a Women's Open (with a text book lead out from The Hunny Badger!): Check
Spray Painting The Manyunk Wall: Check
Cheering the Wasabi Warriors on in the Liberty Classic: Check



sneak peak...




It's been a while. Between thesis, work, and bike riding I'm pretty busy these days. So here are the highlights:

-Wandered around in Tokyo for a couple days, then went to Shanghai. Ate a lot of good food. Learned a lot about urban conservation. Good for the soul. Bad for the watts/kg.
-Raced the Philly Phlyer. Cramped hard core on third lap of four. Threw down a 7th place finish in the A's. GGRR stupid cramping.
-Learned lots about handling and tactics at team clinics.
-Hung out in Baltimore a lot doing research for thesis. I like that town.

-Got new shoes, helmet, and saddle from our awesome awesome sponsor, Specialized! Hott.
-Went to team camp in Virginia. Got lost/stranded on the side of a snow topped mountain with Litespeed and had to be "escorted" down by Search and Rescue. THAT was an interesting power data file...
-Raced the Cherry Blossom Challenge in Newark with 2 awesome teammates. Fun.
-Raced Philadelphia Naval Yard Criterium in, well, Philly with 5 awesome teammates. REALLY FUN. Learned some little crit tricks to deliver physical pain and mental anguish to unsuspecting competitors.

Up Next...
-Finish thesis.
-New bike coming Friday ?!?!?!? (Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Finish off (LAST) semester (ever??); graduate.
-Crush souls.

Me and fellow Wasabi Warrior, Kacy, dukin it out at Cherry Blossom. Kacy, got 2ND in the Battenkill P/1/2 race over the weekend. What an animal!


Wasabi Warriors Take to the Road

Missing three from the squad, but overall a really nice day in the saddle with my favorite ladies in wasabi and orchid. Thanks to Mike for the pic, and herding the kittens :)

In other news: Tokyo on Wednesday, Shanghai on Sunday. Philly Phlyer in two weeks! RAR!


fast grrrlz are getting faster.



I dreamed of my old race chain last night...


While B.Chan was poppin' watts, I was overheating up SW Montgomery... God it's hot here in PDX, and rainy. I did 2x10's -nothing serious, and nothing great enough to write about- and when I climbed to the top of the hill I got disoriented in the mist, and, embarrassingly enough, got lost. Baaa! 20 minute test is coming up on Saturday and I'm taking it easy and trying to stretch a lot. Chan, you motivate me. Now I'm going to go make some scones!

*wattage nerd alert*

Who just smashed her 30 minute power record? This girl.

Maybe brutal trainer workouts aren't that bad???

Wait, wait. No, they still suck.
Philly is covered in snow and I am getting cabin fever-y. This is sure to be the cure!



I got a job!!

Oh man. Today has been craaazy. I don't want to sound too desperate, but this is just great news. I started freaking out when my credit card was declined. Then I went home and reviewed my accounts....and I was pretty much out of money. For thirty minutes I tried to compose myself so I could think of what to do next.... then I got the call, and I got a new job! Bingo! It couldn't be more perfect timing.  I'm a lucky gal.

It's a copywriting job for a youngish online cycling apparel company. I think it will be a of fun to write witty little blurbs about bike clothing. It's kind of my thing. And the company seems cool and easy-going and yeah... it is good.

Now I can keep my bike! I might sell those race wheels though. Selling those will allow for a couple more months of coaching, which makes me faster than the race wheels would. Excellent logic.

The morning has been productive since these events. I've called around to try to set up more job shadowing and volunteer with OT gigs. I've contacted people about babysitting/dog sitting for some quick cash. I've emailed someone who is looking to buy a set of Easton EC90 SLX wheels. And hour+ of yoga. My hips are open. I'm lifting kettle bells tonight. Getting faster and richer and more experienced by the minute... oh boy, what a life. I've never been broke before. Its weird. I knew it was only a matter of time though. If one decides to go back to school and not work, and ride bikes all the time, one runs out of money; that's just how things work. BAAAAAAAAAA!

Anyway, it is supposed to snow tonight, so I *might* have to ride the trainer. But there is a good chance of it clearing up before Thursday. Sorry East Coast kids!

Bam just scored an interview for volunteering at the hospital!


Snow sucks.

Spent three hours on the rollers and trainer today. Riding inside sucks.


Blending with BCHAN

As our loyal readers are probably aware, we here at FastGRRRLZ are huge fans of recovery smoothies. And now that I'm back in the saddle and logging some serious bike time, I'm back on the recovery smoothie bandwagon.

What is so awesome about the recovery smoothie, you ask?

Let me explain. Today for example-- almost four hours in the saddle, post ride core/stretching is over, my toes have defrosted, and I'm STARVING. Unfortunately, it's only 5pm. Too early for dinner, but eating another Clif Bar or those carrots I have in the fridge just aint gonna cut it...

Enter recovery smoothie.

I've been on a sunflower butter and banana smoothie kick lately. Yeah, it's a little fattier than your typical fruit smoothie, but hey, I also just burned 2,000 calories.

All you need is:
1 frozen banana (frozen is key! it maintains the overall consistency of this delightful treat)
Couple ice cubes
Splash of orange juice or other liquid, even tap water will do
A small dollop of sunflower butter (soooo much better than PB!)
2 dollops of low or nonfat plain yogurt
optional: 2 spoonfuls of Gold Medal Aminos*, protein powder or your favorite recovery aid

Throw it all in a blender, magic bullet, food processor, or, heck, I suppose you could even use one of those old fashioned hand held beaters (though if you choose this option, let me know how it goes for ya**). Pour your well blended treat into a glass, and zing! you've got yourself a recovery smoothie!

Bon Appetit!

*These Gold Medal Aminos have been pretty great so far and have really sped my recovery! I'd highly recommend giving them a try.
**Pics or it didn't happen!

2011 !

hi hi!

I had a faaabulous time with B.Chan and Axel in Champaign. We got to hang out all day and eat snax, x-mas shop, buy groceries that we didn't use, scavenge... just like the good ol' days. We also saw Nick, Nick's kitty, Nick's soap sliver, E.Mart, Sochacki, Ethan, Peter & Susan... and D.Penn's beard made an appearance. The crew. Awww. Tear.

Now back in PDX. I got up early and I think I've made the decision to do intervals on the trainer rather than go out in the rain. It'll be raining tomorrow, so I don't feel like I am missing out.

I got back late late Sunday night. Monday I woke up to SUN and thought I'd go out for a longish ride. Wearing a long sleeved jersey and wind vest, I left my house and rode to Sauvie Island (it's flat!) to knock out some 30 minute tempo blocks. 12 days off the bike, and I was flying. I was made for that bike. About 10 minutes to go of the 2nd interval I felt like I was bonking. But I had eaten and watered enough. WTF? I could barely turn the pedals over. I was getting cold. I limped around the rest of the island and started to make my way home. I took a couple of breaks. I almost cried. I almost puked. I felt like I hadn't been on a bike in years. My quads hurt. My hip flexors felt like they were going to pop out of my skin. My arms hurt. I was freezing, and I noticed that other people were wearing winter coats and balaclavas. It was in the 30's and I had been fooled by the sun into thinking that it was warm out. I finally made it home.

It took me 10 minutes to find my keys with my frozen fingers. I ate food and then had to shower and ride across the city to class. What a nasty ride. Uh.

So, 12 days and I feel really sluggish! It makes me happy that I am not 400 pounds. Or that I'm not sick, or hurt, or whatever... just that I haven't ridden in 12 days.

Yesterday I did a kettlebell workout with the coach, and it was hard. I couldn't lift what I normally lift, and I'm hella sore today.

It will come back, but right now, the thought of zone 4 intervals makes me feel ILL.

In other news, yesterday I finally became a member of People's Co-op and I am excited! Their bulk section is outta control! And..AND..they have FREE yoga for members, 5 days a week, and at different times. Hell Yes.

Also, I applied and interviewed for a job! I really hope I get it. More on it later, but it sounds like a lot of fun, and it fits perfectly with life. I think I would be good at it. And B.Chan and I can work from home remotely remotely together!

Yesterday we bought so much food. That's another thing: getting back from a hell ride and finding oatmeal and a can of corn leftover from Thanksgiving corn-casserole making supplies is the worst.

And I hear that Axel is coming to sleep on our futon?
And we are all going to ride the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic together?


Happy Happy!!!!

Happy New Year, Y'all.

My 2011 resolution: Make good choices.

Naturally, 2010 was ended by making some not good choices. Certainly not bad choices, but perhaps ones that made for an uncomfortable New Year's Day train ride home from New York.

Now that the shenanigans are out of my system it's time to concentrate on the task at hand. I started my consulting job today, and I'm working on my thesis as we speak (okay, so I'm taking a little break...jeez cut me some slack). I also kicked off the 2011 road season today, with, as all road seasons should, an easy day.

There's lots to be excited about. This is is going to be a good year. I can feel it.