...fasten your race chains


May/Early June Updates

1 Hott hott hott bike (I <3 Specialized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!): Check
Finished Thesis: Check
Masters Degree: Check
1 Pillaged Village With Ramba (Yes, we DID take home the sprinters, climbers and omnium jerseys at the Tour de Syracuse): Check
Moved out of Philly Apartment (So long bat-shit crazy land lady!! Hello D.C.!) : Check
Entered (and finished!) First NRC-esque Race(okay so it wasn't technically an NRC this year, but there were still some heavy hitters in the peloton!): Check
Pancake Week 2011: Check
"Recovery" Ride with the World Champion: Check
First V in a Women's Open (with a text book lead out from The Hunny Badger!): Check
Spray Painting The Manyunk Wall: Check
Cheering the Wasabi Warriors on in the Liberty Classic: Check


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