...fasten your race chains


sneak peak...




It's been a while. Between thesis, work, and bike riding I'm pretty busy these days. So here are the highlights:

-Wandered around in Tokyo for a couple days, then went to Shanghai. Ate a lot of good food. Learned a lot about urban conservation. Good for the soul. Bad for the watts/kg.
-Raced the Philly Phlyer. Cramped hard core on third lap of four. Threw down a 7th place finish in the A's. GGRR stupid cramping.
-Learned lots about handling and tactics at team clinics.
-Hung out in Baltimore a lot doing research for thesis. I like that town.

-Got new shoes, helmet, and saddle from our awesome awesome sponsor, Specialized! Hott.
-Went to team camp in Virginia. Got lost/stranded on the side of a snow topped mountain with Litespeed and had to be "escorted" down by Search and Rescue. THAT was an interesting power data file...
-Raced the Cherry Blossom Challenge in Newark with 2 awesome teammates. Fun.
-Raced Philadelphia Naval Yard Criterium in, well, Philly with 5 awesome teammates. REALLY FUN. Learned some little crit tricks to deliver physical pain and mental anguish to unsuspecting competitors.

Up Next...
-Finish thesis.
-New bike coming Friday ?!?!?!? (Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Finish off (LAST) semester (ever??); graduate.
-Crush souls.

Me and fellow Wasabi Warrior, Kacy, dukin it out at Cherry Blossom. Kacy, got 2ND in the Battenkill P/1/2 race over the weekend. What an animal!